Bathroom Remodels

When bathrooms work properly they are an enjoyable place in your home, representing a transition space to start up or wind down your day.  But sometimes bathrooms are simply do not work well.  It's not always as straight forward as replacing a faucet or upgrading the shower either.  There are matters of flow and style throughout the entire bathroom that have to work and complement each other, all while still looking great.  Our bathroom remodels are very detail-oriented, a feature that is especially critical!  Our designs improve flow (and movement if you're sharing that bathroom with someone else) and maximize space, all while looking wonderful.  We can work in either the latest designs and styles or by channeling a more traditional look.

Master Bathroom After Remodel

Master Bathroom

After 1b

Sammamish Bathroom

Master Bathroom Blue 1

Bathroom Remodel Blue

Full Home Bathroom Remodel 2

Bathroom Remodel

General Bathroom Remodel Image

General Remodel Images

Bathroom Remodel - Dark Gray Walls & Lighter Hardwood

Tub + Shower Remodel

Small Bathroom - After Remodel 2

Small Bathroom Remodel